Eastern Green Link 1

Torness to Hawthorn Pit

Eastern Green Link, SP Energy Networks, National Grid

Welcome to the Eastern Green Link 1 (EGL1) website. Here you can learn more about our project, why it’s needed and how we plan on building it.

EGL1 is a two gigawatt (GW) high voltage direct current (HVDC) electrical superhighway to be built between the Torness area in East Lothian, Scotland and Hawthorn Pit in County Durham, England.

EGL1 is being developed by a partnership between SP Energy Networks and National Grid Electricity Transmission.

EGL1 is designed to unlock Scotland’s vast renewable energy reserves by scaling up the UK’s capacity to transport clean energy from where it is generated to where it is needed. Through its multi-directional design, it will also increase the resilience and stability of the UK’s transmission networks.

Currently nearing the end of the development phase, construction work is planned to commence in 2025, with the new connection anticipated to be operational in 2029.

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